Affordable Coffins and Artery, LLC - 595 N. Snelling Avenue / Saint Paul, MN / 55104 / 651-208-6902

Affordable Coffins and Artery, L.L.C., offers sturdy, dignified, custom, and hand-crafted coffins, using green materials.
Of course, no one wants to think about it, but dying is part of living and we all go through it. 
With the average funeral costing $10,000 or more, Affordable Coffins & Artery, LLC was conceived and founded by Mike Zoff, who grew up in the mortuary business. Mike worked with his (mortician) dad for years at O'Brien Zoff Funeral Home in Saint Paul, MN. 
After Mike's dad and sister-in-law died, he was astounded at the increasing costs families must endure to bury their loved ones. With the cost of caskets and funerals soaring, Mike came up with a better way.  His mission is to provide a sturdy, dignified, and reasonably priced coffin, keeping the use of finishes and fabric linings to a minimum. He customizes coffins to meet your personal preferences, which may include the use of your own linens and a fraction of the cost of traditional caskets.